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Music I listen to

Right now all I listen to is Josh Groban, and a little of Hombres G ( this band is from Spain, they have been around for awhile and my husband got me kooked on them).

Interesting facts about me

I'am married and have 2 kids. I live in Utah and I'am a Spanish Interpreter, I work from home and I love it. I have been married for 8 yrs. to a wonderful guy. I love Josh Groban. Since I saw him on Aug 28, 2007 I'am hooked. I love all his Cds but the one that I love the most is "Awake". I can see myself listening to it all day in the car and in my Ipod even my 4 yrs. old daughter loves him and sings "Don't give up" she says that's her favorite song. She even told me "Mom when Josh comes again in concert I'am going with you".

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    it was the greatest concert i've ever been on...of course...:lol waited 6 years for worth it!!!!

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    hi Yadira My last name also start with G .

    I was born in Cuba ,but Yadira is A hebrew name that means friend ,friendly etc etc

    Nice to talk to you .
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    I went to Josh Groban's concert too! It was my very first time seeing him in concert and I was thrilled to know that he was recording his DVD there! It's like he made it just for me. Where we you sitting? I was in the last row on top of the Lower Bowl seats. I can't wait for Josh's DVD to come out so I can show it to my parents. < screams loudly > (tee hee)
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    Hiya Yadira,

    Your very welcome!! Yes I'm from Peru, but have lived in Washington State for a loooooong time. Have many relatives still living in Peru though. Puerto Rico, cool! My collage roommate's father was from there. She always dreamed of visiting after collage. I never find out if she did or not, we lost touch of each other.

    I'm married and we have three boys, our oldest graduated from University last spring, our middle son graduated from high school last year, and our youngest is a freshman in high school.

    What ages are your two children?

    Hope to see you around the boards!


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